The Video Call

“Hi Amma, can you hear me?” Sid was trying hard to find a good network. Little did he realise that it was the issue on her end. Old and freckled, her face still radiated the glow on seeing her son! “Amma, can you hear me? Please say something!” he said. She was still smiling. The moment was precious. “Haan beta…you look so dull, what happened?” she asked lovingly.

It had been years Sid had settled in New York but his mother never forgot to ask about his food and well-being. “Yes Amma, I am good”. Assured about his good health, her face grew content. She gasped for some air and then asked, “How are the kids Siddu? Are they troubling you?”. Sid didn’t know what to answer. The feeling was heavy. His voice, choked. There was a lump in his throat. What could he say.

He finally uttered, “Yes Amma, they are good”. His voice cracked. He gulped hard, trying to be strong. He didn’t want to breakdown on the call. He already had enough. “I am your mother Siddu, I know you want to cry.” Sid looked at her, eyes teary, his hands trembled to keep up the phone. “Cry to your mother Siddu, it’s okay. God is there beta. He will take care of everything” Sid couldn’t gather courage anymore.

A pearl of tear rolled down. He wiped off and faked a smile. “Amma, you know Neha had made kheer for me..she had finally learnt it!”. His mother smiled. Her son was finally in good hands. “Siddu, I have to keep now son. Take care my child. I love you” She said. Sid’s heart was in his mouth. He managed to utter, “Bye Amma..bye…”.

The screen went dark. The phone was still in his hands. Sitting in the Central Park, Sid kept his phone beside him. Mouth dry, he was lost. Orphaned and disowned, he hit the play button again. Who knew that was his last call with his mother which accidently got screen-recorded. Talking from the hospital, she was on her death bed. Flights cancelled and boundaries sealed, he couldn’t even attend her last rites. The pandemic had wiped out his entire world within a couple of weeks and all he was left with was this video….


The Break-up

Silence has its own way of settling in. Quiet and lost, Neha sat on the bench. Significant as it has always been, it was that bench where everything started. Tears dried, she looked into the space. Besides her was Viraj. He looked at her, tensed, concerned. “You know we can’t do anything Neha” he said.

Tears started to roll again. Slowly she blinked and her forehead turned into a frown. Viraj tried to hug her by an arm but she pushed him away. Eyes red she looked at him directly. “At least we could try?” Viraj looked down in partial shame and part guilt. He had nothing to say. The night was settling in. Sitting on their favourite bench of Marine Lines Sea Face, the couple knew that this would be their last time.

The feeling was unsettling, uneasy and unbelievable. They were in a relationship for six years. It wasn’t just a relationship. They had given everything away for each other. Changed, moulded and compromised, they had taken a shape to fit each others’ needs and now all of sudden, they both knew that everything was over, only to meet a tragic end. Looking away into the dark sea, Neha said, “Can you even imagine Viraj, the good morning or good night that we said last was the last time after now?”

She looked at him, again crying, yet smiling in pain, she continued, “Can you imagine the last time we kissed was the final time after today?” Viraj couldn’t hold back his grief. He too began to weep. Their hearts ached. “Why…?” said Neha faintly. “There was no option baby…” said Viraj. “We weren’t destined to be together” and the silence paved in. “Six years Viraj. Six year and you suddenly decide to go?” asked Neha with agitation. Viraj tried to hug her again but Neha was firm. She pushed his hand behind.

Looking away from him she said, “Go away Viraj. Go away. I can’t look at you anymore or else it will destroy me forever….just leave” she said and held her face into her hands. She sobbed hard and then looked up after a couple of minutes. She calmed herself and looked besides her. Viraj was gone. Right into the thin air of the cozy night. He had left, leaving her all alone on the bench where he had proposed to her six years ago. The very place where they met for the first time, befriended and then set off on a new journey of relationship.

Neha kept looking into the blank and then faintly said, “I love you Viraj….” tears began to roll again as she looked into her phone. The infinity display glowed into the aching night. It displayed a news article of that day which read “Captain Viraj Naik and his team of 10 martyred in J&K during a Gun Battle with terrorists” Neha slowly rubbed her finger over Viraj’s photo in the news article and finally with a deep breath, she came to terms with the reality…



A food blogger and an influencer, Reena was the best at her game. Known among many for her honest reviews, she was one of the most sought-after influencer. Always ready to collaborate, Reena believed in staying on her toes. Just like always, today too, she was burning the mid-night oil and working on her latest review article. That’s when her phone buzzed.

It was around 11.30 PM and was quite late for her to get any message. “Hi” said the message. An Instagram DM! @Bikeloverfoodie was the profile name. Display picture of a bike, the profile was neat and new. “Hello?” she replied. Instantly the “typing” symbol flashed and a new message was delivered. “I just wanted to say that I am a big fan of your work! Loved your Insta feed!”. Such messaged were common for Reena. Nothing seemed fishy. She checked her notifications bar and all her posts were recently liked by @Bikeloverfoodie. She smiled. Appreciations were always warm and blissful. ‘thank you” she wrote and kept her phone, but it buzzed again!

“You know. I went by your review and ate your recommended Pizza Dosa at the Ghatkopar Khau Gully. It was delicious! Thanks for the recommendation!”. Reena kept looking at the new message. Clearly this person wanted to have a small talk. “I am glad!” she wrote and then sent “You’re welcome”. She kept the phone aside and yawned. The link of writing her article was broken already and then the phone buzzed again.

Another message. “Can you recommend a good place for Sundae Ice Cream?”. Ice cream was her soft corner, she couldn’t ignore this one. She replied and then came another message. They both kept on talking and then when she looked at the clock, it was already 2AM.

Time flew by and the chat seemed never ending, while talking to this new person seemed interesting enough, Reena had to be up for her office the next day. “Listen. I have got office tomorrow. So bye bye for now” she wrote. In a jiffy came the revert. “One last question?”. “Go ahead” she wrote. “Can we meet once?”

Reena was little surprised at the request. She was talking to this person for the first time, didn’t know anything about him and now here was a request to meet. Before she could write anything, came in another text. “We can meet at the Vile Parle khau gully…At the famous dosa guy…he makes awesome paneer dosa!” @Bikeloverfoodie had hit the right chord. Reena shared a lot of memories with that place.

Thinking of them again, she smiled a little. A small smile that reflected more of pain than bliss, she looked at the screen. Something struck her and she viewed the profile. One of the pictures on the profile was familiar. She had seen it multiple times. She saw it and then she went back to the chat. Anger and dismay hovering on her face, she wrote “Viraj? You?”.

Moments passed by, she was growing anxious. “Yes…” came in the reply. “Why?” she punched in. “Just wanted to check up on you…” “So you made a dummy profile to talk to me???” “I had no option, you had blocked me from everywhere…I just wanted to see if you are doing fine….that’s all” “There is no need to check up on me after you have finished everything Viraj” she wrote, but didn’t hit then send button. She kept thinking.

The chat seemed cold now. The world around her was turning. She had never expected this. She then hit the back space, deleted everything. Hit the back button and went into the settings section. @bikeloverfoodie was added to the block list too…


The Hug

It had just rained. The sweet aroma of the freshly wet mud was settling in. Untimely though, a slight shower in the month of love was the perfect gift for every couple. Rajiv and Sneha sat in their favorite spot. Unlike others, they didn’t bother the commotion around. Sipping their favorite chai, this tea stall’s bench had become an integral part of their life. 

While they both never ran out of topics to talk upon, today was a different day. The always bubby Sneha was quite as moon and the always cheerful Rajiv was lost in his own world. A slight smile played on his lips and Sneha couldn’t help but blush.  

Rajiv has a peculiar way of smiling and Sneha loved it from the core of her heart. “I have never seen such a fresh smile ever Rajiv” she always said. “I have something to tell you” said both of them together.

They both gave out a sheepish laugh. Rajiv immediately asked Sneha to speak. To which Shena said “no no…men first!” They both chuckled at the joke and silence tore in. Rajiv took in a huge breath and let it out.

He looked at Sneha. His eyes soft. His face smooth and his gestures obvious. Sneha already was melted. “Was this the moment?” she asked herself. Almost blushing in joy she looked at him. He said, “Sneha…I think I am in love…”

Sneha was eager to hear more. There was a twinkle in her eyes. She continued to look at him in a single stare. “You know, after Tina left me, I felt there is nothing left in life…but now, now I don’t feel the same anymore”

Sneha smiled. She had played a very been back his side during his breakup with Tina. Rajiv looked down and looked back up at Sneha and said, “I feel wanted again Sneha. I feel wanted! I feel amazing, I feel loved!” Sneha couldn’t wait anymore. Her patience were running out! She wanted to hug him, that’s when he said…”I think I am in love with Tanya”

Sneha was taken aback. Her face still wore a smile but her heart sank. He continued, ‘I think, she is perfect. She is so understanding, loveable, accepts me the way I am and…she looks also a little line Tina”

“Yeah..Tanya…She is a good girl for you Rajeev” said Sneha with a heavy heart. “She is a good girl” she said, this time reassuring herself…Rajiv kept looking at her..”Thank you Sneha. Thank you for always being there for me” he said.

Sneha could do nothing but simply smile back to him. He came forward and hugged her. She too hugged him with one hand while the other hand which was in her bag let loose a ring box that she had got and pressed it back into the depths of her bag…



She sat alone. Her lips torn. Her face bruised. Last night was rough. A drop of tear rolled down. The pain was getting worse. She looked at her hand. Red. She flinched in pain as she touched it.

“You are making a wrong choice” the words rung clearly in her head. Her mother was never in her support. “You will ruin your family! You will make me go down in shame!” Her father had said. Sigh. She had looked up to her husband for support. But everything went in vein.

“Your career isn’t as important as mine!” he said. Back answering wasn’t an option. But she had explored that. He raised his hand in return. He was her childhood love. What had changed over the years? He seemed like a stranger to her. Divorce. There was no other option left. Another tear rolled.

What else could she do? That’s when her door crashed open. “It’s time” said the man standing in the door. She could hear the bell. All her thoughts were flushed.

She got up. The bruises from the last fight were still fresh. But nothing could stop her. Today was the new day. She picked up her gloves to wear. As she looked up, the golden shimmer of her “World Heavy Weight Boxing Championship” title filled her eyes. She gave a half smile. Cracked yet bright. It had been a long way, but she had made it…

Today’s was truly the 8th of March. A day to celebrate her! 


The Unusual Survivor

Don’t do it. Wind blew across her face. Heart pumping fast. Anna looked down. The water looked cold. The air, dry. The words still rung in her ears. Don’t do it, he said again. Standing on railing of the famous Howrah Bridge, Anna finally looked at him.

Tall and slender, the man bore through her. Standing little further, calm and composed despite the situation, he looked at her. Intense and deliberate.

“You don’t even know me!” Yelled Anna. “I agree” he said casually and continued, “but I very well know what you are planning to do now” Anna was unsure of what to say. The most obvious thing she could say was “So?” Silence paved its way between the two despite the heavy noise of traffic. He gave a small laugh and asked, “What’s the reason? What’s making you end your life?”

Anna looked at him. Hit by the fact that she’s standing on the railing of the bridge, awaiting to end her life. She once again contemplated her more. But convicted towards the step taken, she asked “why should I tell you? Who are you?” The man looked away. Thinking. He looked back at her and said. “How does it matter?”

Anna stared at him. Silence slid back between the two. Anna was almost half the age of the man who was trying to save her. Confused, exhausted and helpless, she gave in. She broke out a loud cry and yelled! “He dumped me!! He dumped me got damn it! Why? Why did he do it?

The man didn’t lose his composure. He kept looking at her. While he showed no reflex, his eyes gave away his inner self. He could feel her pain. Somewhere it hurt him too. With a straight face he said, “And so that’s an end of life? Just for a boy?”

Anna looked at him. Sharp and mad “he wasn’t just a boy. He was my everything!” “But you weren’t the same to him!” Replied the man instantly. “Had it been the case you wouldn’t have been here girl!” He said to support his statement. Anna looked away, towards the setting sun.

The cars made heavy noise. The water looked scary. The iron of the railing was cold and her body was aching bad. What this random stranger said hit Anna hard. She promptly stopped crying. Tears dried on her face, she looked different. Breathing slow, she felt that she was able to gather herself back.

She looked at the man again. “Don’t do it girl. Your life is much valuable than you think.” Anna gave a small nod. Just at the age of 20 she didn’t know the value of her life. However, this God man had helped her realize it. She got off the railing and came near the man. She said a polite thank you and turned back. With her head heavy with thoughts, she started to walk.

Suddenly she heard a splash and she froze in her path. Her heart beat increased and fear creeped up. Slowly she turned towards where the man stood few moments back. He wasn’t there. Crowd gathered.

Everyone looked down. “I think he is dead” said someone. “He jumped all of sudden” said another. Shocked and perplexed, Anna went near the spot where he stood. A wallet was fallen. May be it was his.

Anna bent down slow and picked it up. Looking at the water below her, involuntarily she opened the wallet. Inside stood a picture of a beautiful lady. A picture that was old and tattered. Torn out of a perfect photograph!


The value of happiness  

Sudhir was staring in his laptop. Room messy, fans and lights off, he didn’t care about the ambiance. The day had passed and had worn the shawl of evening. But Sudhir was unaware of anything.

Focused and determined, he was trying to work out something on his laptop. That’s when his door flew open. It hit the wall behind with a thud and that brought him back to the reality. He looked out of the laptop screen and the world seemed different.

Mr. Mehra walked in. Throwing the lights and fans on, he said “What have you done to your room son?”. Sudhir looked around. He was 27 by now, but he could easily pass for a 18-year-old.

Habits and looks, both were deceiving in his case. His father gave out a light laugh. He seemed to be in a good mood. Sudhir looked at him with a straight face. Unaware about what to say, he chose to stay quiet.

Mr. Mehra walked inside and sat on the bed. Sudhir was still perplexed. His father never walked into his room wearing a smile. In fact, he never bothered to walk into his room. It was always the other way round. 

Things were varied today and Sudhir couldn’t fathom the reality. “Come sit next to me son” said Mr. Mehra. Sudhir gulped and then sat beside his father. Mr. Mehra put his arm across his shoulders and said, “I heard from your mom, your start-up idea finally worked!”

Sudhir’s face turned pale. He didn’t know where the conversation was headed. He being the only child in the family had to bear a huge basket of hopes on his head, right from his young age. Born into a middle class family that believed in doing job and service, Sudhir’s dreams were different and unaccepted by his father. 

Yet, at his own will he decided to pursue a career in the Fin-tech industry and later he left his job to start his own venture. His decision was not accepted with grace at home and he was facing the toughest time of his life. 

While he was lost in his own thoughts, he was brought back to the reality when Mr. Mehra snapped his fingers. “And where are you lost now?” he asked, smiling. Sudhir nodded his head into a no. “So your mother was telling me that you participated in some start-up conclave and your project got a heavy investment!” 

Sudhir managed to nod into a yes. Mr. Mehra gave out a huge laugh and patted his back hard. “Now that’s like my boy! Very well done young man. You have no idea how proud I feel today!” He continued his celebratory laughter, but soon he realized that he was the only one celebrating. Sudhir was calm, lost in his own world.

“What happened kid? What’s the matter?” Mr. Mehra looked at his son with grave concern and said, “Your father is proud of you, doesn’t that make you happy?” 

Moments passed but Sudhir said nothing. He was looking at the floor beneath. Mr. Mehra kept looking at him. Awaiting a response. Finally Sudhir looked up and said “You are saying this for the first time dad. Hence I don’t know how to react…”

They both kept looking at each other. Mr. Mehra was perplexed and Sudhir displayed nothing humane on his face. “You have never been happy with whatever I did till now dad and hence I guess, I too have forgotten to be happy with whatever I have achieved…”


Sharing is really caring

The winter breeze was cool. The sun setting and the grass still fresh. It was a perfect time to sit in the park and munch on hot French fries. Alka looked at her son lovingly whose eyes had grown big looking at the large pack of hot French fries that she had got for him before picking him from the day care. They both sat in the park to have some mini family time.

As Rohan tore open the packet and started munching on the fries a little boy, as old as him came near the mother and son duo. Dressed in rags and dirty, he was a homeless boy. Looking at the hot fries he couldn’t keep the urge to ask for one.

He came close to Rohan and looked at him blank. As young as 4, the little boy didn’t know how to ask for things. All he could do was stare back with eyes that asked for some food. Rohan smiled at him and offered him the fries. A smile broke out on the young lad’s face. The twinkle in his eyes was innocent.

The glee on his face was priceless. He truly didn’t expect this gesture. He started to walk upto Rohan and that’s when Alka yelled. “Rohan! What are you doing? You are giving your fries to him?” Before little Rohan could react, Alka yelled at the kid and made him run away.

Rohan was baffled and hurt by his mother’s act. Sad and sulking he sat and slowly munched on his fries. After a few minutes the duo was joined by Rohan’s classmate Ayush and his mother. Alka exchanged greetings with her and settled down. Ayush’s eyes fell on the pack of fries and he tried to grab a few, but that’s when Rohan snatched it away.

Shocked to see her son’s reaction Alka gasped and yelled at him. “ROHAN! What are you doing?” Rohan stared at her. Ayush was petrified by now and his mom who was upset with Rohan’s reaction was happy with Alka’s yelling. Alka shouted again, “Rohan. Didn’t I teach you sharing is caring?”

Rohan kept looking at her for a while and then slowly said. “But mom you only stopped me from sharing a while ago…” Ashamed and embarrassed, Alka stayed quiet. Ayush and his mom were clueless. Alka looked up to her son. She then looked around.

The homeless boy was still around the corner, looking at the entire scene. Alka looked at him. Their eyes met. She slowly gestured at him to come near her. Slowly, watching every step he came close. Alka reached into the pack of fries, removed a handful of them and offered it to the boy.

The homeless boy started at her and then at Rohan. Shocked at the change he didn’t attempt to take. Alka smiled a little. He was a little boy after all. She smiled more and said, “Come here. Have this” the boy looked at Rohan who too was smiling with glee now. The little twinkle returned and the kid had the first, delicious French fry of his life…


Past life Connections

I have been visiting the fort of Panhala for more than a decade now. I fell in love with that place in my first visit itself. I was a small kid back then, but the connection I felt with that place was overwhelming. That time I removed it off my mind thinking that it’s just a mare liking towards the new place. But as my age grew, the connection got stronger.

Let me tell you something more about myself at the very beginning. I am a young adult whose life, breath and heart, everything resides in Mumbai. I am a proud and hardcore Mumbaikar who cannot tolerate even a separation of 4 days from my city of dreams.

Yet when I visit the fort of Panhala I forget everything. It’s just like some magic happening around me that I get dragged to that place. I ignore my love and loyalty towards Mumbai. I don’t even feel that typical pull which removes me out from where ever I am and takes me back to Mumbai. No, nothing. I feel nothing when I am on the fort. And trust me, it’s quite surprising.

I feel content and satisfied when I breathe the fresh air lingering around those old rocky watch-towers. I feel at peace when I sit on one of them and look down into the valley. I feel some spiritual powers coming up and grabbing me to carry me into the heaven while I behold the play of colours of sky and sun far away on the horizon. I forget the world in that game. Absorbed into my own solace I drown into a different zone, meditating for hours with my eyes wide open and heart pumping new blood full of life and colours.

This is the magic of Panhala, this is its aura which gives me the bliss of life and makes me feel at the definitive amity with life, such that I drown into its colours forgetting my own identity.

All this sounds good and soothing but when I put my analytical mind on its top gear to decipher the reason behind this, I get some real goose bumps. I am a guy with undying love for the city of Mumbai. I am born here and have lived here forever. My forefathers are from a different town which is vastly separated from the fort of Panhala by hundreds of hills, mountains and rivers. Yet why do I feel a special bond towards it rather than the place of my own origin?

Why do I share this exceptional bond with such a place which my previous generations have never even visited? Why do I feel love for it just the way I would feel for a person? Why do I care for it? And why do I feel like I am going home when I am making a visit there?

The lanes seem to call out to me, the hill seems to know me and the watchtowers; it feels as if I have walked them before as well. Not a decade back but many more years back. Even when I venture out on a new side of the fort, I get a feel that I know that place very well. My random walks of night into the woods of the hill don’t make me nervous and no matter where ever I am, if I am on the fort, I get no fear of losing my way.


This is the feeling when you are in a place which you own. This is the way your mind feels when you are in a place which is very close to you. This is the manner in which you behave when you are home.

But why is it? What connects me to that historical fort? The fort which was ruled by the great Maratha King, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj appeals to me as if I possessed the property even before I laid my love for Mumbai.

Thousands have died on that fort and many more have died making their frail attempts to capture its mighty walls. Only the lord of this world may have an answer to my questions but I know one thing for sure. No matter what, I do believe in past life and past deeds. My love for this fort and my unique relation with it is the proof of it.

So dear all, even if you feel any such weird yet strong relation towards any place, thing or human, do think over it and try to know what would be the reason behind it. It may be a signal or it may be a sign from the maker of everything. It may mean something in the future or may have significance in the current time. You never know what may happen tomorrow but always remember that everything around us and everything happening with us is for a reason.


This is the magic of Panhala fort. As I mentioned I have been visiting this place since a decade now. Yet I can’t get enough of it. It’s a very old fort with a huge historical background to it. And I swear to God I feel an exceptional bond towards this fort unlike I feel for any place ever.

I feel as if I am coming home. I feel as if this place belongs to me. I feel as if I am leaving something behind when I leave from this place and I feel as if I have some of my root stuck in here.

When I take a stroll I don’t feel I am alone. I seek peace in going around this fort all by myself. I seek completeness when I lay my sight over those broken watch towers of this old fort. I sense some connection towards those huge gates of the fort. Many brave soldiers have died on this fort trying to protect the brave Maratha King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

So am I one of those soldiers? Or am I their leader Baji Prabhu Deshpande who bravely fought 100 of enemy soldiers just to ensure a safe passage of Shivaji Maharaj from here to other fort? Who am I? And why do I have such a strong connection with this place? Especially those watch towers. I sense some belongingness towards those powerful pillars of the watch towers.

When I climb up on them I feel that I have been here before. Not a decade back but many many years ago. My family has no origin from this place. I own no property here. I land up here once in two three years but that visit is always enough to make me feel that I have something with this fort. Maybe some sort of past life connection. May be some future indication. Only God knows what he has in his heart for me. But I do feel that I am connected to this place in some of the other way.

Because I am very confident when I roam around this place all alone. I don’t even fear at nights to go out on the streets of this fort even when there lays dead silence and dark all around me. I don’t feel a necessity to take directions from anyone as I have my gut telling me where to head and trust me I land up taking the right rout. All this is only possible when you know the place completely.

Though, I haven’t seen every corner of this fort till now I still feel a confidence that I know this place in and out. And there is only one case where in you know a place that good. This is only when that place is your home.




Humans and Religion



Humanity is the need of the hour and correct interpretation of religion is the key to it. Religion is the pathway to God they say, as if it was God who himself brought about the division amongst those who he created. Religion is not wrong, nor is it the core reason behind all the menace that the world is getting strangled on. It is the human mind which is, like always is the key cause behind its own destruction.

You must be thinking how could I say this with so much of confidence? Well, enlightenment didn’t dawn on me nor was I bestowed with intellectual thoughts by a legendary person. Do the math, it’s a simple logic. It is something which you also can think of, if you manage to free yourself from the bonds of a religion.

Religion is a set of rules made by wise minds who existed ages back. It was meant to put a leash on the barbaric deeds of the stone-age man and so was reasonably of the utmost importance in that period. It managed to control those relentless humans to a great extend because it instilled the fear of God as the ultimate retribution if there was a breach in the rules of a religion.

But things went on to become worse when humans started to cling on to their religion to draft an identity for themselves. It turned into a property which was claimed by its followers and then just like all humans do, people back then began to claim their religions supremacy over other religions.


There has never been an end to it and there seems to be no end to this, unless and until we humans understand that it is futile in inflicting any kind of supremacy over each other. Till the time this mindset doesn’t change, this world is never going to witness peace.

Extremism and hatred is always going to linger around, as no one has ever taught us to live together in harmony. Wars are going to continue as no one has ever feed our minds with one single bit of knowledge that we all are humans and we all are the same.

Human mind is complex in nature and that is the root to all the problems revolving around us. Our over-thinking and our over-reactions to any and every minor problem is driving us closer and closer to our own annihilation. We have become our own enemy and have lost trust in ourselves.


We prefer to seek the pleasures of friendship in animals and lay our blinded trust over them rather than humans of other religions. This is us and this is how we are. And till the time we remain the same, we are going to suffer. Pain and anguish is never going to end unless and until we don’t find a way to end it.

But the end doesn’t mean annihilation of any extremist group acting like missionaries. End doesn’t mean stopping politicians from using religion as their vote bank tool. End doesn’t mean writing off religious beliefs and becoming atheists. End means bringing out a change. It means a revolution. It means doing something that no one has ever been able to do.


And this end to all the misery in this world can only be gained if we understand the importance of humanity. This end can only be achieved if we consider humanity as our prime identity and religion as just a mere set of rules guiding us to live our individual lives in the most peaceful way. End can only be attained if there is no more a sense of competition left amongst us and there persists only a desire to live with peace and harmony.

Religion is not the exact driving force behind all the wretchedness that dwells in the world. Human mind is the one that plays a pivotal role in it, because no religious book has ever taught anyone to affront or disgrace other religions. The radical extremist groups who kill and slaughter to massacre the humanity are the ones who impose their wishes onto the humanity in the name of religion.


It is because of these people that the new age thinkers are choosing to drift away from the path of religion. They are unable to find the golden virtues of it because of the barriers that impede them to attain what they are destined to gain. Although their thoughts are incorrect, they cannot be blamed for it as the pseudo religious devotion of the extremists has shaped them to become what they are.

This phenomenon must be corrected. It must be changed or else we will have a whole generation of vengeance struck people holding a torch of atheism, ready to walk over and destroy all the religions and submerge its virtues to the depths of the oceans without knowing the values of it.

This whole deed then shall be result of false and erroneous interpretation of religion. To save the world from such a catastrophic consequence and to make up for all the damage that has been done over the span of ages, there is a need to make the people aware about the true meaning of religion.

It is the time that we spread the correct meaning of religion and abolish wrong beliefs that are inculcated in our minds. The time when we would reach this salvation and rejuvenate our thoughts, that time we would learn the right way of living. That is the time when finally the motto of global peace would be achieved. That is the time when God will smile down upon us to say loud and confident, they are humans and they are my best creations ever.